• Clinton Lodge, Fletching
  • Coates Manor, Fittleworth
  • Isfield Place
  • The Oast House, Isfield
  • Pashley Manor
  • "Hot Bed of Unrest" at Turners House (left) and Old Vicarage (centre and right), both Nr Heathfield
  • Wakehurst Place
  • Clinton Lodge, Fletching

Join SGT

To join SGT, please download the form from one of these links Application Form (Word)  or  Application Form (pdf). Print the form, complete it and then post it together with your cheque, to the address shown on the form.

Benefits of Membership

We are seeking new members to help us achieve our objectives. A few of our members own historic gardens, but most are simply passionate about protecting green spaces for future generations, learning about great Sussex gardens and the people who shaped them - or just enjoy the events organised by the Trust!

Gardening, and the appreciation of landscape design, is a lifelong learning experience. As a member of the SGT you will find like-minded individuals, as well as plenty of experts willing to offer advice and assistance. We welcome everyone with an interest in the fantastic designed landscapes in Sussex.

 By becoming a member you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

    • Newsletter with articles, information on events, activities and items of interest
    • Guided visits to parks and gardens
    • Lectures, study and training days
    • Involvement in research
    • Opportunities to participate in the conservation and restoration of neglected gardens
    • Working with schools on educational projects and garden schemes
    • The knowledge that you are helping to conserve the horticultural tradition of Sussex



SGT's vision is to protect and conserve the heritage of Sussex parks and gardens.

The Trust aims to achieve this vision by:

    • Educating all age groups about Sussex garden heritage
    • Compiling an inventory of Sussex parks and gardens
    • Researching and recording parks and gardens, in order to provide material for use in their conservation and evolution
    • Gathering and sharing expertise and information to assist and support owners in the management and evolution of specific sites
    • Communicating with owners and local authorities to encourage the enhancement of sites of value

More about SGT

Sussex Gardens Trust was formed as a charity in 1996 and is one of a number of similar county trusts sharing a common purpose in discovering more about our outstanding legacy of gardens and parks - from the recognised historic locations to the lesser-known, smaller havens of delight hidden within the countryside.

As pressures on land continue or with changes of ownership, there is a danger that some of these special sites may fall into decline or even disappear.

To help preserve garden heritage, it is important that as many sites as possible are properly researched and recorded. The information and links included in this website helps make this information readily available for the community's benefit, as well as playing a key role in increasing awareness, knowledge and enjoyment of Sussex gardens.

More information about our work may be found by downloading this document SGT Strategy. This explains how our various activities link to the chart below and contribute to our overall objective.

SGT Strategy 2012v9